Macro Tetris Nutritional Consulting

CrossFit Kells introducing: Macro Tetris

Feeling fluffy? Forced to use the bigger belt-holes? Feeling like your workouts are good, but could be better? Maybe you are gassing out during metcons, or feeling weak during strength sessions? Your absolute first step when examining why any of these things are feeling off is to look at your nutrition. Nutrition is unquestionably the foundation of a healthy lifestyle. Without it, everything else crumbles. Dial in your nutrition, and the pyramid of wellness for your life will be strong. CrossFitters (and other athletes) often tend to hit a plateau at various points in their fitness journey, and an intentional approach to nutrition will help push past those plateaus. There is a reason that macronutrient tracking has become a popular trend in the fitness world, as evidenced by the number of elite CrossFit Games athletes posting their success stories and making it a known part of their lifestyle. But this approach is not just for elite athletes. Not even close. YOU can benefit from this way of eating too...

Enter Macro Tetris Nutritional Consulting.

No more diets, no more fads...this is your new way of life. A process and program that you can use for the rest of your life, no matter what you do for exercise. Using the basic science behind your body’s essential needs, macronutrient tracking will optimize your body’s energy systems, thus helping it realize its full potential.

Fueling it with the right amounts of protein, carbs and fats, your body’s engine will run the way it was intended. Super simple, and super effective. Again, DO NOT be intimidated by this approach! Tracking macronutrient intake is for everyone. You don’t need to be an athlete to look and feel amazing, you just need to be able to count. There are many different programs under the Macro Tetris umbrella, so email Coach Erin at to find out which program works best for your goals and needs.

  • 2 sit down-sessions with Coach Erin (beginning of program and another at the 12 week mark).
  • Detailed ‘Athlete Readiness Questionnaire’ to help Erin prepare your individualized program.
  • 12 week program designed around your specific goals.
  • Personalized spreadsheet to track your progress.
  • Weekly accountability communication.
  • Unlimited contact via email for private questions to discuss specific strategies for your program.
  • Adjustments and feedback based on your progress or specific needs.
  • Access to a private FB group where you can ask questions, share recipes, share resources and engage with other members in the program.

- Team Kells