Alright Alright Allllllriggghhhhtttttttt!!! BIG news kids!!

We have been waiting for this for about 7 months (and actually, for 4 years!). 

We have been working behind the scenes to bring this to CFK and we finally squared it all away. 

CrossFit Kells is now a proud distributor of Prestige Lab’s Supplement line! 

Since we opened our doors four years ago, questions and inquiry’s about supplements have always come up (can we carry them, where to get them, what to take). We never identified a partner that we were comfortable with, and therefore never entertained a partnership. We have always answered questions best we could, and directed accordingly (Cape Cod Nutrition, Amazon, etc).

For the past 7 months we have been working with the CEO and the head physician of Prestige Labs, and through this process we are now certified to carry this line. This is HUGE for us.  

That head physician is one of the smartest people you will find in the field of Biochemistry, Dr Trevor Kashey. Dr Kashey took his SATs at age 11, graduated high school at age 15, and became the youngest American ever to secure his PhD in Biochemistry at age 23…so he’s kinda wicked smaht. 

Erin and I have had the opportunity to work closely with Dr. Kashey and his team for the past 2 months, and could not be happier with our results. Personally, I needed a reset after the summer and while ramping up recovery from shoulder surgery, so I decided to engage with him. Here are the results of my first six weeks (44 days actually) of working with Trevor and his squad (October 22nd vs December 5th):

Erin was looking to tighten and tone as well, and has seen a big difference not only in how lean she is, but in her workouts as well:

Until this year the majority of Kashey’s efforts were focused on Olympic & Pro Athletes – Football, Softball and Wrestling….not the WWE kind 😉 – but after partnering with a CEO whom we highly respect, his product is now available to us.

These supplements can only be distributed by Gyms and Training Facilities. Kashey believes that because trainers and gym owners take care of their client’s needs when it comes to nutrition and training (not the supplement stores), it makes sense that they can guide their supplementation needs as well. And I 100% agree. 

This is big for us, and we’re really pumped to add this to the CFK offering. 

Therefore to CELEBRATE, and in conjunction with Coach Erin and Tetris Nutrition Consulting, we are offering not one but TWO nutrition transformations for those who are looking to take it to the next level

We have done many different kinds of challenges, this year and since we’ve opened, and one thing that we know for CERTAIN is that we all do better when we are being watched, coached and held accountable. It’s really a simple rule of human behavior, and why challenges are always requested and well-received by you guys. 

There’s a beginning and an end, with goals in mind, and we all just perform better in that construct. 

SOOOOO….we are kicking this thing into high gear. The reason that Erin and I are doing well with Dr. Kashey? We are participating in one of HIS challenges. The setup just works…and by the way, we have learned a ton from him already, which we’re pumped to pass along to you guys. 

Now you all know how we feel about New Year’s resolutions…so we’re not waiting for January 1st. Both of these nutrition transformations will begin on December 26th, with registration beginning on Wednesday, December 12th, and ending on Sunday 12/23

Challenge #1: The Tetris Nutrition 90 Day Complete Transformation

For those looking to go Next Level, you will be working with Tetris, CFK & Prestige Labs to:

  • Completely dial-in your nutrition through a process called “calibration”, followed by customized macro-nutrient planning
  • Access the Tetris Transformation Portal, loaded with videos and content to optimize your 12 weeks
  • Access weekly group coaching calls for Q&A, best practices and strategies
  • Receive 1-1 Voxer access to Tetris for an upgraded coaching experience
  • Maximize your work at the gym via targeted supplementation
  • Completely overhaul your body, nutrition and performance in 12 weeks 

This is an offering from Tetris Nutrition Consulting, and participants in this challenge WILL have some skin in the game (there will be a cost to access this challenge and everything in it, and supplementation will be encouraged). 

The winner of this challenge will also receive $500 in cold hard cash. BOOM. 


Challenge #2: The 28 Day Belly Fat Blast Challenge

For those of you looking to burn some quick fat & inches over the next month, this one’s for you. 

  • This is a CFK internal challenge only, and will be FREE to all members
  • Your meal plan will be provided to you, and additional supplementation will be encouraged 
  • Private FB group for questions, support and smack talk 

This challenge winner will receive a Prestige Labs Ultimate Transformation Package valued at $700…BOOM again. 



How do I register?

Registration will take place from December 12th to December 23rdAll registrations will take place AFTER a 1-1 consult with either Mike or Erin…to sign up for a consult, use the following link:

If you can not locate a time that works for you, contact Mike or Erin directly to schedule.


Will I weigh in?

Yes – Weigh In’s, measurements, before pics, etc will take place on 12/24 (in the morning) and 12/26


Will this interfere with my Bahhhhhbelll Challenge?

Absolutely not – in fact it will only help it. While the Bahhhhbell challenge is performance-based according to your selected workout/movement, these challenges are meant to enhance your performance and appearance through nutrition and supplementation. We’re simply offering another way to get better here…if you’ve been thinking about a body transformation, then book a consult and we can discuss! If the barbell challenge is scratching that itch right now, that works too…


But what about New Year’s Eve?
It’s one night, kids. Have your fun! Do not pass on these because of one night…this is about focusing your efforts NOW, and not waiting for some   magical motivational “thing” to happen on 1/1/19

For supplementation, we have secured 40% off Retail Pricing for our Coaching Staff and are simply going to extend that discount to all CFK members. 

If you want to finish strong this year and absolutely crush 2019, let’s figure out which transformation best fits your goals. We are pumped to be able to offer you this combination of nutrition, performance and supplementation to give you an absolute EDGE in your journey to weight loss, strength, endurance, and vitality…not to mention help you destroy these challenges! 

See you soon, 


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