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“Bizarro Jimmy” & Oly – Monday 8-13

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5:00 Dynamic Drills



Strength (20 Minutes)

Back Rack Lunge

10 x 5- Alternating Legs

– climb in weight


WOD (20  minute cap)

JT’s little bro


Row 3/2x Cals OR 600/500/400 Run


Ring Dips



Level 2– 9-6-3 Reps

Level 1


Row 2/1.5x Cals OR 400/300/200m Run

KB Strict Press (25,15)

Box Dips



ADV– 21-15-9

Bike 2/1.5 cals

Sub KB strict press for Handstand Push-ups if you unable to get inverted. Can be applied to any level.

Coaches Note: In this workout you are using the same muscle groups back-to-back. Expect for things to feel much harder than you are used to. Some reps may be impossible to complete unbroken. In that case take a quick break, shake it out and try again and/or have scaling options ready.



Olympic Lifting Class **4:00PM Only**