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CFK Holiday Comp is Here!!!

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Alllllllright Kids!!! It’s competition time!!

Remember, NO classes today. Athlete briefing is at 8:00AM, and we’ll get rolling after that.

Heats and heat times are below….here we GOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

Heat 1 8:45, 9:45, 10:45

  1. Heckers
  2. Matt D/Kyle D
  3. Ash V./May
  4. Sue/Milee
  5. Mike T./Erik
  6. Mary Beth/Gretchen
  7. Nettie/MC
  8. RJ/Marty


Heat 2 9:00, 10:00, 11:00

  1. Katie/Joe D
  2. Natasha/Bill
  3. Shorty/Steph
  4. Lisa/Laura F.
  5. Jessie/Jenny
  6. Hobans
  7. Carmen/Ros
  8. Killham/Kirkland


Heat 3 9:15, 10:15, 11:15

  1. Matt S./Patty
  2. PVH/Matt O.
  3. Lynn/MK
  4. Matt M./Glen
  5. Doc/Mike B.
  6. Julian/Roby

“Yankers” – Friday 11-30

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Partner Up!

Row 90/75 Cals as a Team

*The partner who is not rowing must hold the bottom of an active squat. If the squatting partner needs to stand for a break, switch positions.




  1. Push-press


  1. Push-Jerk




90 Calorie Row

60 Wallballs

30 Shoulder to Overhead (155,105)


Level 3- 135,95

Level 2- 115,75

Level 1- 95,55


Coaches Note – Row will be somewhere around 5-6 mins or 1500m.  Try to row at your 2k pace or just off of it and see if you can hang on to the pace for the Wallball and STOH

“Grippy” – Wednesday 11-28

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5:00 AMRAP
20 Lateral Up/Overs
*Round 2 Switch to 10 box jumps with step down
10 Hang Muscle Clean
5 Front Squat with 2 second pause at the bottom


Every 2 Minutes for 14 Minutes

3 Front Squats (Start at 80%, build to 90%)



25 Hang Power Cleans (135,95)

50 Box Jumps

25 Hang Squat Cleans


Level 2- 115,75

Level 1- 95,45

ADV- 165,115 (30,24) inch box jumps


Coaches Note– Pick a weight where you can do the first 25 HPC in no more than 3 sets.


Extra Work


10 Prison Burpees*

1 Rope Climb

ADV – Wear a Vest

*3 push ups each time you go down for your burpee

“Head Games” – Tuesday 11-27

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In 90 Seconds

Run 100m

AMRAP Jump Rope

Rest :30 Seconds

In 90 Seconds

Run 100m

AMRAP Russian Kettlebell Swings

Rest :30 Seconds

In 90 Seconds

Run 100m

AMRAP Goblet Squats


During warm up, focus on finding a steady pace after the run & try to hold onto the kettlebell for the entire AMRAP as practice for the WOD.


Midline Madness (6 mins)

2 Rounds

:30 work/:15 rest

  1. Russian Twists w/ Kettlebell
  2. Leg Lifts Up & Over Kettlebell
  3. Plank w/ Kettlebell Drag
  4. Hollow Rocks (Weighted with Kettlebell Overhead if able)


WOD (30 mins)

800m Run


80 Thrusters (45,35)

80 Double Unders

80 Kettlebell Swings (1.5,1)

800m Run

*Each time you break your set complete 7 Burpees.


Level 2- (35,25)(1, 0.75) 40 Double Unders

Level 1-  (25,15) 5/3 Push Ups; (0.75, 0.5) 120 singles


Running Sub-

1000m Row

*The thrusters should be with an empty barbell. Scale to a weight that you can do at least 20 unbroken. ABSOLUTELY NO DROPPING the empty barbells!

Coaches Note– Lot of mental toughness here.  Take a breath each time before you start your set and stay efficient and hold onto for as long as you can.


Extra Work

100′ HSW

42 Wall Ball


30 Wall Ball


18 Wall Ball


Holiday Competition and Party!!

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Ok y’all, we are T-Minus 6 Days to the CFK In-House Comp & Xmas party!!
Here’s what you need to know…
1) Teams
We are loving the turnout for the comp teams, and more are welcome (More Rx squads? Let’s get a couple more, kids!). Please put your names on the board by TOMORROW (Monday), as we’ll be putting heats together this week.
2) Logistics
Athlete briefing will be at 8:00AM sharp, with Heat 1 for WOD 1 starting shortly after. Be sure to bring some snacks for between WOD’s to keep the energy up! Also, remember we have some swag bags up for grabs!!
* First/Second/Third for each category
* Award for best costume (Bring your A-Game!!)
* Spirit of the Competition Award
* The Laura Francoeur Memorial Screamer Award
3) WODs

Kettlebell Hell

50 Alternating Snatches (53/35)(35/25)
50 Alternating Lunges
50 Swings
50 Goblet Squats
50 Sumo Deadlift High Pull

One partner works at time
Go Hardo
12min AMRAP
1000m Row Buy-in
7 thrusters (95/65)(75/45)
5 burpee lateral jumps
*after buy in, athletes must complete a full round before switching
Shoulder Spice
Box jump overs (24/20 – Jump)(24/20 – Step)
Hang Power Cleans (115/75)(85/45)
*non working partner holds plate over head RX 25# Scaled 10#
ALSO!!! There will be a surprise FLOATER WOD for all teams to get done at any time throughout the competition.
4) Christmas Party!!!
We will get rolling at 6:00PM. Beer and awesome eats from The Anchor will be on hand…and feel free to bring a dessert or app to share, or your favorite adult beverage!
And bring a Yankee Swap gift as well – $20 limit – get as creative as you like!
We will also be providing complimentary transportation for any in need, TO the gym, and/or FROM. If you are interested in a ride TO, let us know by Wednesday so we can square logistics. Rides home will simply be available as needed.
All for now kids, can’t wait to see you this this weekend!!

“Squishy” & Oly – Monday 11-26

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2 Rounds

:45 on/:15 off

Plate Hops*

Plate Ground to Overhead

Burpees onto Plate

Good Mornings with Plate


*For plate hops, start with feet on either side of the plate, jump onto plate, then jump feet back to other side. For good mornings, hug the plate at the chest.





Lower Back




2 Power Snatches

Climb in weight.



4 Rounds

15 Deadlifts (225,155)

15 Bar Facing Burpees


Level 2- 185,125

Level 1- 155, 105, 10 Reps


Coaches Note – WOOF! Put your head down and do work but be sure to set that back off the floor and maintain good positioning throughout the deadlifts.


Extra Work

6 Rounds

90s on: 60s off

15/12 Cals Bike




“Gen Pop” – 11-24

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Warmup – Partner up!


Parter 1: Hollow Rocks

-10s Rest= superman hold

Partner 2: Jumping Air Squats






30 Minute AMRAP

5 Pull-ups

10 Push-ups

15 Squats

10 Burpees*

*Coaches Note: Partner 1 will do a full round of the 5-10-15, and then both partners will complete the 10 burpees together. Then Partner 2 will complete the 5-10-15, burpees together, etc.

The stimulus for this workout is SPEED. Go hard when you are working, and recover when your partner is working.

Level 2: 8 Burpees

Level 1: 5 Burpees



Extra Work

Work up to a Heavy Clean & Jerk Double

Let the Challenge Begin – Friday 11-23

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OK Kids!!! Remember…NO scheduled classes today.

We will be open from 9:00AM to 12:00PM, and 3:00PM to 6:00PM. Come in, and test the baseline for which ever challenge category that you are in. If you are doing one of the metcon workouts, we will simply run heats so multiple peeps can go at the same time.

Go hard, guys. Establish your absolute best score today, and push yourselves over the next 8 weeks.