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CFK Team Series – WOD 2 and Floater 2 – “Wreckin’ Machine” – Monday 10/24

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CFK – Great work last week for the first Team Series WOD! Whilst the hammy’s and lower back may have taken the hit last week, watch those quads and glutes this week…

Good luck!

“Wreckin’ Machine”


20 KB Lunges (1.5/1.0)

20 Goblet Squats

2 turf length plate pushes (back & forth = 1) – 45/25

*One partner works at a time, split the reps however you want. Each partner must do a consecutive down and back plate push for each round

Scaled: (1.0/.75)(25/10)


Floater 2

With a 4 minute running clock, 2 minute max calories on the assault bike and rower (each athlete logs a score for both machines). Score = combined calories


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The sweatshirts are in, and we love them! Couple quick things on getting them:

  1. They run large, which is the opposite of what we were told. Good times
  2. This is not a big issue; we are making sure everyone gets the right size
  3. Please try on the size you ordered. If it is to big, we are placing another order and will get you the right size if there is not enough in stock already to swap to you. We’re getting a quick turn-around on this
  4. Please work ONLY with Erin on this, as this will make the process easier an more streamlined. Do not work with me. Or Axe. Or Galla, Jimmy, Brookie, Scully or the Kingston Crackhead that wanders into the gym from time to time, as it will just muddy the process

Any questions, shoot me an email!

(That was a trick…do not do this. Remember, talk to Erin).

Thanks everyone!


“Magda” + OLY Thursday – 10/20

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Wall Climbs

5 Rounds
3 Minutes of Rowing
2 Minutes of Wall Climbs
1 Minute of Double Unders
Rest 2 Minutes


Olympic Lifting – 6:00PM Class ONLY

Warm Up: Tabata Hollow rocks and WallBalls
3 Rounds: 10 squat cleans 10 push press 10 thrusters (barbell)

Skill: From the rack
6 sets of 1 Push Jerk and 2 Split Jerks. First 2 sets are (95/65) then increase weight for remainder of sets.

Drill: 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 Double Unders (x2)
1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10 Clean and jerk (95/65)

Strength: Front Squat Pauses: 6 sets of holdng at bottom for a 4 count. Each set should be 70% of 1 rep max

CFK Team Series – WOD 1 and Floater 1 – Monday 10/17

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CFK – the Team Series is here! Few things…

  • Please do your best to complete the WOD with your partner today. Each team will have until Sunday 11:30AM to complete their WOD
  • The Floater WOD can be completed any time during the week
  • Check out the YouTube video by the Hunky Coach Axe and his spicy lil’ sidekicks for the WOD explanation and standards:
  • If you do not have a partner, find one and sign up! There are plenty of people looking for partners (see whiteboard at the gym)

CFK Team Series WOD 1

800m Medball Run (20/14)

40 KB Swings (1.5/1.0)

40 Deadlifts (135/95)

40 Bar Facing Burpees

40 Deadlifts

40 KB Swings

800m Medball Run

All movements done in tandem; ball shared for run

Scaled weights: (14/10); 1.0/.75; 115/75


Partner 1 runs 400m; tags partner 2, who runs 400m. Score is total time


“Dad-Smooth” Saturday 10/15

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A workout with someone that you know and like to workout with, where you do the workout together on the same team
(aka Partner WOD)

3 Rounds
20 Front Rack Lunges (115/75)
10 Strict Pull-ups


50 Wall Balls (20/14)
40 TTB
30 Front Squats
200m Run
10 Thrusters

*One partner works at a time (except for run, which is done together), break all reps however you want