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“Scrubb Chubb” – Friday 7-14

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Strength WOD
With a Partner
Squat Clean and Jerks
Minutes 1-3- 12 Clean and Jerks @80% of Max
Minutes 3-6- 10 Clean and Jerks + 10/5lbs
Minutes 6-9 + 8 Clean and Jerks + 10/5lbs
Minutes 9-12 + 6 Clean and Jerks + 10/5lbs
Minutes 12-15 4 Clean and Jerks + 10/5lbs

– Work with your partner to complete the number of reps/interval. Try to work in with someone of similar ability, or use 2 bars where necessary

Stadium Style
3 Rounds
Teams of 4
200m Run
15 Kettlebell Swings (2,1.5)
15/12 Calorie Row
15 Toes to Bar

Level 2- 200m Run (1.5,1), 12,10 Row, 10 Toes to Bar
Level 1- 100m Run (1,0.75), 10,8 Row, 10 Toes to Bar

“Bad Magic” & Oly – Thursday 7-13

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Warm Up
12:00 EMOM

Minutes 1-6
Odd- 20 Lateral Up/Over
Even-15 Sumo High Pulls with Heavy Kettlebell

Minutes 7-12
Odd- 14 Jumping Lunges
Even- 10 Thrusters with KB

L1 – 10 up and overs; 10 sumo high pulls; regular lunges

3×10 Use Dumbbells or Kettle-bells for Weight

Back Squat

10 Minute AMRAP
7 Sumo Deadlift High Pull (95,65)
7 Thrusters (95,65)
7 Box Jumps

Level 2- (75,50)
Level 1- (50,35)

Olympic Lifting Class **6:00 Only**

“Big Vince” – Wednesday 7-12

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10:00 AMRAP
15/12 Calorie Row
Pull Up Complex (3 Strict, 3 Kip, 3 Chest to Bar Kipping)

L2- 12/10 Row; 1’s for complex
L1- 10/8; 5 Slow Negatives for pull ups*

*can kip and lower slowly or jump up and lower slowly

Handstand Push-up
Wall Climb

Partner Chipper
100 Calorie Row
80 Wallballs (20/14)
60 Pull-ups
40 Handstand Push-ups
20 Wall Climbs

Level 3- 20 HSPUs/10 Wall Climbs
Level 2- 60 Push-ups/10 Wall Climbs
Level 1- 60 cal row/60 wallballs/40 Push-ups/6 Wall Climbs

ADV – C2B/Strict HSPU/Rope Climbs

“Choosy Moms” – Tuesday 7-11

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3 Rounds or 10 minutes – whichever comes first
10 Lateral Burpees
10 Stiff Leg Single Leg Deadlifts (add weight each round)
10 Superman Rocks
40 Double Under

L2- 20 Double Unders or attempts

For 21 Minutes
Minute 1- Deadlift 3 Reps @80%

Minute 2- 10 Partner Hamstring Curls or Glute Ham Raises on the GHD

Minute 3- Rest

*Partner up and have Partner 2 take rest during minute 2 and work during minute 3. That way partners can take turns holding their partners ankles.

Level 1- Hamstring Curls on the medball

3 Rounds (15 min cap)
60 Double Unders
15 Hang Power Cleans (155,105)
20 Burpee Lateral Jumps

Level 3- (135,95)
Level 2 (115,75), 30 Double Unders
Level 1 (95, 50), 100 Singles

BBQ, 5AM Class and KB Club

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Hope everyone had a great 4th! What a great stretch of days we had…hope you’re all almost back to baseline 😉

Couple things:

1) The 3rd Annual CFK Throwdown Siesta Fiesta BBQ Extravaganza sponsored by Spiked Seltzers, Yardo, The Magic Community, Gummy Bears, Pusser’s Rum, Gymnastics with Flair, Birkenstocks and Bill Kallenberg’s Beirut Trophy Case

Oh boy.

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh boy.

It’s here! Time to get together, celebrate the summer and the new CFK building, bounce in a jumpy castle, explore the V Lounge, take a dip, listen to some music and just get festive. The party kicks off at 3:00PM at 4 Rachel’s Ln in Duxbury. Bring some drinks, possibly an app, some dollar bills for gambling purposes and an overall good mood!

Looking forward to seeing you all there.
2) Early Bird Special

Coach Axel has done a phenomenal job with the 5AM class, as have you animals that get after it so early! By popular demand, we are ADDING a 5AM class on Fridays. We will offer it through September to see how it goes, and will certainly keep it if folks want/like/attend. Go get it!
3) KettleBell Club

For the new CFK members, KettleBell club is awarded to those who attend 15+ classes per month for 12 consecutive months. And for those looking to take it to another lever after that? We have Founder’s Club (20+ per month for 12 straight months, after KB Club).

Below is an updated list (it’s getting BIGGGG again…love it!!!!). And a huuuuuuuuudddddge CFK congratulations TO……..

Kristen Kirkland!!!!

Congrats, Kristen, for achieving KB Club!! We love the consistency, effort and determination that you have displayed since you were one of the first members of our community. Phenomenal job, and well, well deserved!!! Please let me know what weight you would like for your KB.

For the rest of you beasts, see below, and great work!!! Especially for those new names on the list….keep it rollin’.

All for now, kids…see you tomorrow.

12 Months (KB Club)
Kristen Kirkland

10 Months
Jodi D.

9 Months

8 Months

7 Months
Andrea P.

6 Months
The Sinister Prime Minister Pete-Nice
Kristen Hoban
Ros (Founder’s Club)
Doc (Founder’s Club)
Jill W (Founder’s Club)

5 Months
Laura Mac (Founder’s Club)

4 Months
Jenny Jax
Jen Maser (Founder’s Club)

3 Months
Steph Mac
Laura F.
Shorty Spice (Founder’s Club)

2 Months
Matt Leahy

1 Month
Kathy Rose
Matt O.
Rich V.
Katelyn (Founder’s Club)
Tailspin (Founder’s Club)

“The Smolder” & Oly – Thursday – 7-6

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250m row 12/10cal bike
7 pass through in the squat bottom
7 OHS w/ PVC
7 strict T2b

Scaled – 7 jackknives with the PVC

Accessory Work
Seated Dumbbell/Kettlebell Strict Press


3 Rounds
20 Overhead Squats (95,65)
20 Toes to Bar
500m Row

Level 2- (75,50)
Level 1- (65,35)

**Oly Class 6:00PM Only**

Warm up
10 strict press
10 push press
10 power jerk
10 split jerk

Thoracic stretch
2 rnds
10 squat
10 jump squat
10 sotts press

1 pull + 1 power clean+ 1 full clean
Start at 75% last 2 min work to 80%

7×3 FS across

3-3-3-3-3 push Jerks
Ascending weight up to 80%
10 back extensions at dashes


“Diannie” – Wednesday – 7-5

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Warm Up
3 Rounds
:30 on/:10 off
Jump Rope
Shoulder Taps
Good Mornings

Rx – Shoulder Taps against wall
L1 – Shoulder taps in plank hold

4 x 5 Romanian Deadlift @ 50% Max conventional deadlift
Between each set complete :30 Handstand Hold
ADV – Freestanding Hold
L1 – Plank Hold

WOD (10 min cap)
Deadlifts (225,155)
Handstand Push-ups

Level 2- 185,115
Level 1- 135, 95, Standard Push-ups

Rest 7 Minutes

Double Unders

Level 1- 40-30-30-20-20-10