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“The East Coast Family” – Thursday – 12/8

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Work up to a 1 RM
Back Squat


WOD (15 Minute cap)
1000m Row
20 Clean and Jerks (135,95)
1000m Row

Level 3- (115,75)
Level 2- (95,55)
Level 1- (75,35)


Olympic Lifting Class **6:00 ONLY**

Warm up
2 rnds
10 strict press
10 push press
10 push jerk
10 split jerk
Pvc around the worlds
2 rnds
10 squat
10 jump squat
10 sotts press

3 sets
1- squatting quad muscle clean
1-squatting quad power clean
1-squatting quad squat clean

2 clean + 1 jerk
80% x2
1 clean -1 jerk
90% x2

clean deadlifts (heavy)

10 min amrap
10 overhead squatting duckwalks with KBs
10 double KB swings
1 lap around gym (inside) heavy front rack carry

Pahhhhty, Comp and CFK Kettlebell Club

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Happy Monday Kids!

1) We are looking forward to seeing everyone on Saturday! Athlete Briefing will be at 8:30AM, and we expect the competition to go until around 1 or 2. Don’t forget, we will be awarding best workout gear, Spirit of the Comp, and the Laura Francoeur Memorial WOD Screamer Award (oh yeah, and the comp winners too!)

2) We are finalizing the heats and teams by Wednesday, so if you want to sign up but have yet to do so, you need to by TOMORROW. We still have a couple peeps looking for partners so get in there…

3) Christmas Party will start at 5:00PM. Bring you treats, snacks, booze, appetite and good mood. And if you’re IN on the Yankee Swap, bring along a $25 gift!

4) We are 30 days away from awarding our first CFK Kettlebell Club members! We are pumped about this. For any newbies, KBC is awarded to those members who show up 15+ times per month for 12 straight months. Winners receive their own personalized CFK Kettlebell. As you’ll see below, we are one more month away from inducting our inaugural class! Future KBC members, start thinking abut the KB weight that you want your honor to weigh (18, 25, 36, 53 or 70lbs), as it will be different for every member. Congrats in advance to all of you, and for those of you working your way up the list!

Here are the current standings:

11 Months
Will Berry
Karen Barry
Jenny Maser
Jill W.

10 Months
Laura Mac

9 Months
Matt Morin

8 Months
Shorty Spice
5 Months
Kristen K.

4 Months
Matt Manning

3 Months
Jodi D.

2 Months
Matty Leahy
Justin Morin
Steph Mac

1 Month
Nicole Morin
Rachel L.

Phenomenal work everyone! See you this week…


“Hypest from Cypress” – Thursday – 12/1

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Front Squat

All sets should be heavy. The bar cannot leave the rack position for set of 10

WOD (15 minute cap)
800m Run
20 Thrusters (115,75)
40 Burpees
20 Thrusters
800m Run

Level 2 – (95,65)
Level 1 – (75,45)
ADV – (135, 95)


Olympic Lifting Class **6:00PM Only**

Warm up
Grab a bar and Coach Mikey show you

Snatch/Hang snatch

Emom 15

60% 1/1. 70% 1/1 75%1/1 80%1/1

Full snatch

60%1/1 70% 1/1 75%1/1 80%1/1 85%1/1 60%1/1 70% 1/1 75%1/1 80%1/1 85%1/1 90%1/1

4/4 ohs heavy
3/4 snatch balance heavy
2/4 snatch grip sotts press heavy

Stickers & Gainzzz

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OK peeps…couple new items in the CFK Retail Shoppe!

1) CrossFit Kells Windshield Sticker – Looking to fill up some more space next to those Bernie/Student of the Month/Coexist/Family Stick Figures bumper stickers? Grab one of these bad larry’s to show your friends that you can do burpees and they can’t ($5)

2) SFH Protein – We’ve had quite a few requests to have protein available at the ol’ box, so here we go! We like SFH and About Time from an ingredient standpoint, but went with SFH because it tastes better and has a little less sugar ($45)

ALSO! We are making a Community Bro-Scoop bag of the SFH available ($1 per scoop). Why are we doing this? Three reasons:

A) Some folks might want to try it out before buying a bag
B) Convenience – in case you forget your post-wod protein on a given day
C) I’ll be honest…I just like saying Bro-Scoop.

All for now, kidz! Get your sticky gainzzzz on…



CrossFit Benchmark WOD: “Christine” + CFK Throwdown WOD #3 – Wednesday 11/30

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Benchmark WOD (20 Minute Hard Cap)
3 Rounds
500m Row
12 Bodyweight Deadlifts
21 Box Jumps (20″)

Level 2 -3/4 Bodyweight
Level 1 – 1/2 Bodyweight

Rest 7-10 Minutes

WOD 2 (10 Minutes)
1000m Row*
100 Sit-ups


ALSO – Here is the CFK Throwdown WOD #3


9 Minute Time Cap

4 Rounds

1 Partner completes 40 Wall Balls while the other does burpees. Alternate rounds (2 rounds each)(20/14 – 10’/9′)(14/10 – 9’/9′)

The partner doing burpees can only perform burpees while the other partner is doing wall balls. If the wallballing partner stops, the burpees must stop as well

Score for the workout is total burpees.

NOTE: If a team finishes all 4 rounds of wall balls under the time cap, the remaining time will be dedicated to adding burpees to their total count. One partner works at a time