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CFK Seminar, The Open, New Classes & KB Club

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Plenty to get into…so here we go

1) New Classes

Our first weekend with the new schedule was great! Coach Eric’s Prehab class on Saturday morning was awesome, and I’d say it is a must-attend for all CFK members, at least once! You will get smarter around taking care of your body for the sport of CrossFit. And a point of clarification on this class – it DOES NOT count toward your class count if you have a 3x per week membership, so do not let that limit your decision to go! We want this class available to as many people as possible – you can still get your 3 classes in and still come to this

Also, Coach Courtney’s 8:00AM was awesome today! It’s a great option to get moving on a Sunday morning and get on with your day…

2) Shoulder Love

Speaking of Prehab, we will be hosting a one hour talk on Saturday, March 3rd at 10:30AM. Dr. Sean Rockett will be joining us to present!Dr. Rockett is a well known, well respected Orthopedic Surgeon specializing in Sports Medicine. He practices right here in Massachusetts, and he’ll be talking to us about the best way to take care of your joints, especially your shoulders. Attendance will be $20 per person, as Dr. Rockett raises money for various local charities (we can actually pick the charity to whom he will donate).

He’s a CrossFit L1 certified trainer, and knows exactly what we do day in and day out. He’s a phenomenal resource, and a wealth of knowledge for all of us to access. Check out his blog at

Don’t miss this! Normal class times will be scheduled for that morning, and he will lecture beginning at 10:30AM

3) The Open

This CrossFit Open is here this week! You’ve heard us talking about it for the past few weeks, so it’s time to sign up! The Open is for everyone, all levels!
Go to to sign up.

We will be having a “Friday Night Lights” for 18.1 and 18.5, where we will celebrate the start and finish of the open together! More details to come this week, but plan on getting your 18.1 on this Friday, 2/23!

Fun, cocktails and hilarity will ensue…

4) KB Club

Below is the updated list of KB Club and Founder’s club.

And a huge, gigantic, mammoth, monster round of applause for the THIRD ever CFK Founder’s Club member….Laura MacEwan!!! Laura, what a phenomenal run. I’ll say it again…I’ve seen you do the Lumberjack 20 days before giving birth to Will, and you were right back at it in a blink of an eye afterward. Never have I heard an excuse come from your direction. You have worked so hard from the moment you joined CFK three years ago, and we couldn’t be happier for your success.

Thank you for your commitment, and for being such a great part of the CFK community!!

As always, congrats as well to ALL of the members on this list who are striving for their own goals. You guys rock…

See you this week,

12 Months
Laura Mac

11 Months
Jenny Jax
Jen Maser (Founder’s Club)

10 Months
Steph Mac
Laura F
Shorty (Founder’s Club)

8 Months
Matt O
Tailspin (Founder’s Club)

6 Months
J Hecker

5 Months

3 Months
Mike B
Matty L

2 Months
Dr. Dre (Founder’s Club)

1 Month
Rich V
Lynne (Founder’s Club)