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CFK State of the Union

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As we approach extremely positive changes for the CFK family (specifically moving to the new CFK space), we want to thank you all for making this place what it is. It has always been, and will always be about community, and absolutely none of it happens without the personalities that walk through our doors every day.

So thank you.

As we like to do once or twice a year, it is time for one of our favorite exercises: The CFK State of the Union.

While we are able to generate some feedback throughout the year via personal survey questions to some of you, this is a great chance for us to hear from the collective.

Since you all are the temperature and the lifeblood of our business, it is incredibly valuable to the community and the health of the business that we hear candid feedback from you. Our questions are simple:


1) What is the best part about being a member of the CFK community (specifics)

2) What are we doing well that you would like to see more of?

3) What can we do differently to improve the community, experience and business that is CFK


In the past, we have used your feedback to enhance many different facets of the gym:

* More equipment (bigger rig, more KB’s, climbing ropes, rowers…and more jump ropes are in fact presently needed Axe!!)
* More supplies (chalk, wipes, markers)
* More and varied class times (class time switches and additions, more open gym, more Oly classes)
* Focus on mobility (mobility clinics, mobility screening, targeted warmups)
* Gear (more shirts, sweats, hats, etc)
* Retail offerings (protein, bars)
* Class approach (reinforcement of class etiquette, warmups)
* Extracurricular activities (gatherings, charity events, competitions, races, etc)

…to name a few. We have solicited awesome ideas from you all over the past couple of years. When they make sense for the community and for the business, we try to implement. And some of the things we have been unable to implement will be addressed at the new facility (a shower, better lobby space, more room to navigate the space outside of the actual gym floor).

Ventilation/air temperature has also been an area of feedback. While we’ll have a more open space, larger bay doors for crosswinds and more fans, we will stop short on the AC front….we are a CrossFit gym after all, kids 😉

…the right amount of discomfort is part of the game, part of the identity of CrossFit and part of what we do.

All of which to say, your feedback, ideas and suggestions have made this place better (in our opinion). AND…while we will absolutely never be perfect, we want to continue to foster and environment that is conducive to honest, candid ideas that will help us try to get there.

SO…if you have a few moments, a few ideas, a few thoughts around how we can enhance and improve CrossFit Kells, we would sincerely like to hear from you. Our commitment is that we will do our best to implement where it makes sense to do so, and do it in a reasonably timely manner.

Over the next couple of weeks we will collect the feedback, and report back to you all on the results and next steps.

Thank you in advance for your feedback and ideas!