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CFK Summer Party, Challenge and Competition

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A few things to hit as we gear-up for this weekend…

1) The Third Annual CFK Tops-Ops BBQ Jumpy-House Live Music Swimfest Extravaganza sponsored by The V-Lounge, KillCliff, Tito’s, BearGrips, Michelob Ultra, Redline Gear and the Duxbury Elks – Here we go!!! On July 8th, Peter and Ashley will once again graciously host the CFK Summer bash at Casa-de-VanHaur. Bring the kids, some Moscow Mules, optional speedo and good vibes as we spend a quiet evening in Duxbury’s own Fraternity Row. Will Bill once again rule the beer pong table? Will Brendan play another acoustic set? Will Coach Jimmy reenact any Silence of the Lambs scenes? We can’t wait. Special THANK YOU and shout-out to Ashley, who will be about a month away from the arrival of Baby VanHaur during this throwdown, making it all look easy as usual….thank you Ash!

2) CFK Summerprep Challenge Week 5 winners….Axel’s Animals! In a see-saw battle with the McSavages, the Animals take another week. Awesome job guys! Add some Rig Grips to your ever-increasing bags of swag. For week 6, we are rolling right into this Saturday’s competition, so there will be no week 6 winner. Instead, we will have the final overall challenge winner. NOTE that the comp will be weighted toward 35% of the overall score for the challenge, so it ain’t over yet! Bring your A games and take a shot at the title!

3) Saturday’s comp – Please arrive at 8:00am. Some folks will of course be unable to make it, and some will have to leave early…no worries, do what you can! We will take all of that into account as much as possible. And of course, bring some food to fuel yourself and some adult beverages for afterward….we all have worked hard during this challenge, and a few post-comp celebratory cocktails will be in order!

Here are Saturday’s WOD’s

For Time-one athlete works at a time

5 burpees over bar
10kb swings (53/35)(35/25)
5 burpees over bar
10 goblet squats
5 burpees over bar
10 lunges
5 burpees over bar
Sprint back and tag next teammate to go
Team score will be final time, averaged out for number of teammates participating in the WOD

Wall balls (20/14)(14/10)
Box jumps (24/20)(Steps)
Every team member does 21-15-9 and the score is time last person finishes

600m Team Indian run

50 dubs/100singles*
40 jumping squats
30 sit-ups
20 push ups
10 burpees

600m Team Indian run

All teammates must finish dubs before starting jumping squats and so on
We can’t wait to celebrate the end of this challenge with all of you!! This will be a FUN event, so definitely keep that in mind!! No “comp-stress” necessary. Fun comp “attire” will be encouraged…

All for now kids….see you on Saturday!!