Couple quick items…

1) New Website Is Up – Hopefully you’ve had the chance to take a look, and you feel it’s an improvement to the old site. Get a feel for where everything is; most of you will just be mainly the WOD section, which is easily locatable on the desktop and mobile versions. Any feedback or concerns, please let me know!

2) CFK Team Series – Next week we will be starting the CFK team series, which will mimic the current worldwide CrossFit team series! The event will last 4 weeks, will be comprised of a programmed WOD and a “floater” WOD every week, and will have an Rx and Scaled division. Teams will be made of of two partners (all male and all female). More details to come, but start thinking of who you want to partner with!

3) CFK Kettlebell Club – Below is the latest list of CFK Kettlebell Club. As a reminder, those who attend 15+ monthly classes for 12 straight months win CFK Kettlebell Club and their own personalized Rogue kettlebell. Great work to all who are on the list!!
9 Months
Greg Mac
Will B
Kim M
Karen B
Jen Maser
Jill W

8 Months
Laura Mac

7 Months
Matt Morin

6 Months
Rob K
Ashley Short

5 Months

3 Months
Lauren D
Kristen K

2 Months
Matt Manning

1 Month
Jodi D

All for now…