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CFK Throwdown and Holiday Party!

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Ok kids!

The biannual CFK In-House Throwdown is really to go on December 16th! Let’s get right to it:

* Comp begins at 8:30AM on Saturday, December 16th
* Three WODs will be programmed, with an Rx and Scaled option
* These workouts will be individual, but with a catch…we will have TWO TEAMS competing against one another. The Morning Crew vs. The Evening Crew!
* This competition is for EVERYONE…whether you have been doing CrossFit for 2 months or 5 years. ALL CFK members are encouraged to do this.

For anyone who has done an In-House comp before, you know that this is more about fun than competition. So yes, AM/PM bragging rights are on the line, but there will also be awards for best dressed, Spirit of the Competition, The Laura Francoeur Memorial Screamer Award, and more…

And don’t forget the most important part: we will re-gather that evening for a Yankee Swap, food, adult beverages and shenanigans at the CFK Holiday Party!

So please join us on the 16th for all of the festivities. Sign-ups will be on the big board at the gym. We are well aware that many of you technically qualify for morning AND evening classes…not to worry, we will assign teams appropriately…

We can’t wait! Let me know if you have any questions…






Barbell Movements (95,65)
* Front squats
* Snatch
* Thrusters
* S2O
* Cleans
Double Unders
Wallballs (20,14)


Barbell Movements (75,45)
* Front squats
* Snatch
* Thrusters
* S2O
* Cleans
Single Unders
Ring Rows
Ab mat sit-ups
Wallballs (14,10)