Happy December kids!

As we wrap-up what has been a phenomenal year, a few items to catch-up on…

1) This Weekend!

We’re pumped as always for the CFK Holiday Throw-down and party this Saturday! If you are participating but have not signed up yet, please sign up on the board at the gym no later than Thursday. Remember, this is for ALL members, ALL abilities! Bring your best xmas-themed workout gear, get ready to win some prizes and participate in some fun WODs. Athlete briefing is 8:30AM, first heat kicks off at 9:00.

We will also kick things off at 5:00PM Saturday evening for the holiday party! Bring a Yankee swap gift (~$25 max), some food to share and of course some adult beverages. Honorary Member Brian M. Maser, Esq. will be frying a turkey, and the staple CFK Bud Light Keg will be flowing…see you then!


2) The new CFK

The new space is taking shape! Flooring outside of the gym space is in (lobby, viewing room, offices – see below), paint is up on the walls and we are approaching Go-Time. The move-in date will EITHER be January 20th or January 27th (we will know more in 2 weeks and have a final date). A ton of you have offered to help with the move, and we will take you up on it! The gym will be closed that Saturday and Sunday as we move everything and get the space set-up.

We will also be having one more paint party in the near future, as well as a bonfire to get rid of some of the leftover brush. Dates will be selected shortly for both.

We can’t wait to have your new Gym Home ready for you all…

3) A few etiquette reminders and requests

It’s a great thing for all of us to be reminded of a few gym rules/points of etiquette a couple times per year. It reminds us that it is OUR shared space, and we want your trip to CFK to be the best hour of your day. For us to be able to deliver on that experience, we do need to have some rules in place. As Cosmo Kramer accurately posited, “Without rules……there’s chaos.”

Couple items:

Be on time. Being late is disruptive to other members, and it is unfair to your coach if they need to explain/demo again. AS IMPORTANTLY, we want everyone to be safe, and do not want you to miss important info pertaining to the workout at the beginning of class. Of course life happens, and of course exceptions need to be made. But being chronically late calls for an alternative solution. We are asking that you to make punctuality to class a priority. Arriving 10-20 minutes late for a class is simply not something we can accommodate.

We have a strict on-ramp policy. Bringing friends to “try CrossFit” is awesome on “bring a friend day” or for scheduled baseline. It is, however, unsafe for non-CrossFitters to jump in to a workout unconditioned. Additionally we want the coach’s full attention on the CFK members, their safety and their experience.

We do not currently have child care. We understand the need to bring kids from time to time- but please be respectful. Children are never allowed on the gym floor during class times. If they need to go pee or poo, their parent is to escort. If kids are screaming, a coach will ask to please stop their work out and tend to the child. If it’s a running WOD- the parent stays in to row. We please ask that you leave Snack Time, for home. If the lobby is left a mess, we will have to ask you to keep kids at home (this also goes for dogs and dog remnants).

We run scheduled classes everyday. We run open gym every day minus Saturday. If you would like to work on extra work, please target doing so during open gym hours. We understand that some members are on special programs designed by a coach and are paid for, and some do double sessions on a given day, and for this we do allow some wiggle room. Please understand that scheduled classes are first priority and be respecful of space and equipment! We want you to be here as much as possible…we simply ask for situational awareness when it comes to class time and space utilization. Also, an easy approach to this is to ask your coach! Just ask whatever coach is coaching at the time, and they will be happy to give you guidance on what works on a given day/night/situation.

Our open gym hours for Sunday’s are posted on the website. Please be respectful of coaches who want to use the gym during non opened times for their own workout time.

By no means are the above items pervasive – again, we are looking to provide the optimal experience for our growing tribe. Thank you ALL for your help in these areas!


4) KettleBell Club!

Below is the most recent list of where some of our crew stand on KB Club. Also, we are one month away from our inaugural Founder’s Club! Congratulations to all on both lists…your dedication is awesome.

AND….congratulations to THIS month’s KB Club inductee. You know her from her clothing shout-out’s on the CFK Socials, from her massive leaps up on to the low chin-up bar, and her Phenomenal Ring Muscle-up celebratory dismounts!!! The one. The only. The Power Plant. Dr. Dré…aka Andrea Plant!!

Andrea! Great work…let me know what weight KB you would like.

Nice to see some new names on the list as well!! Go get it….


All for now, kids…see you on Saturday!

CFK KB Club/Founder’s Club

12 Months
Dr. Dré

11 Months
Petey Piper Picker Peppers but Run Rocked Rhymes
Kristen Hoban
Ros (Founder’s Club)
Doc (Founder’s Club)

10 Months
Laura Mac (Founder’s Club)

9 Months
Steph Mac.
Jen Jax
Jen M. (Founder’s Club)

8 Months
Laura F.
Shorty Spice (Founder’s Club)

6 Months
Matt O.
Tailspin (Founder’s Club)

4 Months
J. Hecker
Paula Z

1 Month
Mike B.
Alyson Hecker
Matt Leahy

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Our 5,000-square-foot facility is located less than four minutes off of Exit 10 on Route 3 in Duxbury, MA.

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