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Competition & Gear Updates – Please Read!

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Two quick updates…
1) The CFK in-house competition 
We have received a lot of feedback around the logistics of the October 20th comp, specifically making the date work due coordinating the schedules of 4 person teams, as well as kids Fall sports schedules still being in full swing. There are many teams where only partial participation is possible. In the interest of maximizing participation, we are going to cancel the October competition, and go straight to the annual holiday comp.
WE WILL STILL BE CROWNING THE WINNERS of the Fat Burner Challenge! Weigh-outs will still be on the 20th from 8:00AM to 10:00AM…again, the AVERAGE of your team’s fat loss will be tallied, and the winners will take all. Use this last week+ to dial-in your nutrition and to finish strong!!
The holiday comp will be two person teams, Rx and Scaled divisions. It will run the morning of Saturday, December 1st, and as we always do, we will have the CFK Christmas Party that same night! Details and standards will be forthcoming – mark your calendars and think about finding your partner (and costumes) for the comp!
For those new to the in-house competitions, these will be three different partner workouts to be done that morning. These are accessible to EVERYONE (scalable), and the best costumes are rewarded (we are still waiting for someone to top the Shortelle/Patty Leahy Cousin Eddie combo). We’ll of course also have the spirit of the comp award, the division winners, the Laura Francoeur Memorial Screamer Award, and one or two new ones this year!
2) Gear order
Some folks have had issues updating the Google Sheet from an iPhone or iPad. If you have the capability to do so, I would suggest just using a laptop/desktop if at all possible (much more user friendly). If you need a hand, you can email, and Lisa can assist with the process.
The order will be placed on Monday, so please have your order in by Sunday night!
All for now,