Erin, Peter and I would like to make an announcement regarding the state of the gym and the community…one that will impact Kells in a very positive way.

We are moving!

We are purchasing a building at 14 Chestnut St in Duxbury, which is about 4 minutes and 30 seconds from CFK right now…but who’s counting 😉

This is big news for us, and potentially for many of you, since the Kells has become a second home for many of you (which was always part of our vision – we love this). And since change can mean something different to everyone, here are some highlights on the situation.

Where – The building is presently owned by Gymnastics with Flair, a family-owned gymnastics training facility that has operated in this space for 30 years. It is located in Halls Corner in Duxbury. The immediate area houses a Dunkin Donuts, a gas station, a couple of convenience stores, a bar & grille, a pizza place, and ice cream shop and a couple of liquor stores…in other words, the essentials.

The building is far more conducive to “what we do” than our current location. It is a standalone metal building with high ceilings (rope climbs!), more open space (room to breathe for bigger classes) and outdoor space for fitnesssssss (tire flips, sled pushing). It has two bathrooms, one with a shower (boom!). A spacious front desk area with a proper sitting area to place bags and coats (benches, coat racks, etc). A viewing area to the gym separated by a door and a window…this will be where the kiddos will set-up shop. And more office space for the coaches.

When – We close on July 1st, but our move-in date is very much up in the air. We are still in our lease for the current space, and will be figuring out moving logistics in the coming months. It could be end of summer, later in the fall, or even the beginning of next year…so it truly is TBD.

Why – For many reasons. First and foremost, it makes sense for all of you. This building will provide a better product for you to benefit from, and will make for a better overall CFK experience for you. We will be able to do more with the space, offer more to our members, and enhance what it means to be a part of the CFK community.

It also makes more sense for CFK as a business. And a healthier business means a better, stronger product for our members.

The downside?? CHANGE! Some people love it. Some absolutely despise it. We get this…and believe me, we will be doing everything in our power to make the transition as smooth as possible for everyone. We absolutely love our current space, and will miss it! It has been all we’ve known, and the location itself is a huge part of it. But we feel that this move make so much sense on so many fronts, and we had to capitalize on the opportunity in front of us. We hope that the additional 4 minutes off of the highway (for some of you) will be well worth it…

SO…..obviously more to come on this, but we wanted to get this out there, as of course the news was starting to trickle anyway. I am 100% available for questions, as are Erin, Peter and the coaching staff. Please ask away, engage, inquire and provide feedback…this is your community and we want to hear from you!

Thank you all…we’re truly excited about this next chapter for CFK…




Two quick points of clarification.

1) We are NOT closing temporarily. We are “closing” on the property that we are buying on July 1st…as in closing the transaction. Since we are purchasing the building, we will close with the sellers and our respective attorneys on July 1st, and the building will be ours.

“Closing” on the property, not closing our doors.

As far as when we actually move in, that will depend on our current lease. We will remain here in Kingston, fully operational, until we figure that out.

We don’t even like to close on Christmas! Never mind for an extended period of time. The only time we’ll be “closed” throughout this entire process will be the weekend that we move, so it will be no more than a day or two.

So no down time. No “closing” of Kells 🙂

2) Unfortunately we are NOT offering daycare as of right now. Obviously we allow members to bring their little ones when necessary right now (of course we get it, since between Erin, Peter and I we have 36 children), and that will continue in the new space. We will observe the same policy. All we were saying was that instead of congregating in the lobby as they do now, there will be a room more conducive for them to remain/watch you while you are working out.

Down the road we will certainly consider something more official since the space will afford that…just nothing official right now. Same policy.

SO… apologies for any confusion! This is certainly a process, and I/we will try to be as clear and transparent as possible throughout…


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Our 5,000-square-foot facility is located less than four minutes off of Exit 10 on Route 3 in Duxbury, MA.

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