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KB’s & BBQ’s

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Happy Friday Y’all! Couple of quick items as the weekend rolls in…
KB Clinic

We’ll see you tomorrow for Jeff C’s KB clinic! It will go from 9-11, and will replace all Saturday classes. If you have an extra KB, please bring it! Depending on attendance we may need a couple extra…


The Third Annual Tops-Ops Summer BBQ Fiesta Extravaganza at Casa de VanHaur sponsored by Slip & Slide, Chico’s Bail Bonds, Hot Pockets, Millennial Angst, Blue Chips, The Chain Smokers, Bear Crawls and The Duxbury Piping Plover Elimination Foundation

We are good to go for Saturday, July 8th, at Peter and Ashley’s! Thanks to all who have signed up on the gym whiteboard, as it helps with headcount. All are welcome! So if you think you can make it, throw your name up there. The kids will have a house to bounce in and a pool to swim in, and the adults will have live music, flip cup/Beirut/nail-game olympics and a Shakespeare-in-the-park-esque rendition of The Princess Bride by Coach Jimmy (tipping encouraged).
Kettlebell Club

Below are the latest numbers for CFK’s Kettlebell Club! For some of the many new faces around the gym, KB Club is awarded to those members who take class 15+ times every month for 12 straight months. Members of this crew will receive a custom CFK Kettlebell! The next level is CFK Founders Club (20+ classes per month for 12 months AFTER KB Club is earned).

Great job to all on the list, and welcome to the first-timer Helga “Cuts” Regan!
11 Months
Kristen K

9 Months
Jodi D.

8 Months
6 Months

5 Months
Kristen Hoban
Ros (Founders Club)
Doc (Founders Club)
Jill W (Founders Club)
4 Months
Laura Mac (Founders Club)
3 Months
Jen Jax
Jen Maser (Founders Club)
2 Months
Steph Mac
Laura F.
Shorty Spice (Founder’s Club)

1 Month
Cuts Regan
Matt Leahy
All for now, kids…have a great weekend!