Lots of action going on/coming up! Let’s get right to it…

* Kids at the gym: We need your help. CrossFit Kells is about family, and that includes the little ones! We know that sometimes to make it to the gym, you have to bring the kiddos (we as owners and coaches do, as you all well know). And with summer coming, the potential to bring the kids along may increase.

And while we do not have child care, we always try to make it work with you all who bring the cherubs in order to fit it all in (we absolutely want you to get you workout in!). That said, with the gym growing (and more members and more kids), we need to set some guidelines to make it the best possible experience for everyone.

1) Kids are to be in the lobby ONLY, unless accompanied by a parent for a bathroom break. Safety is paramount at the gym, especially when it comes to the kids! Unfortunately we have had some close calls with the little ones almost getting bonked or whacked with something or someone. And while there have been no major incidents thus far, we don’t want to take that chance! Please be sure that your kids understand that they are to remain in the lobby at all times.

2) Food = NO BUENO. Food for the kids is not allowed. Even since our previous request on this, there have been multiple cereal/cracker/lollipop-type incidents on the lobby floor. We want to be fair to our cleaners and other members! So no go on the food.

3) Parents stay in CFK. If you do have the little one with you, please be sure to stay in the building (e.g. if there is running in the WOD, hit the rower instead!). We have had little wanderers when mom/dad are outside running, which isn’t safe for them. So if a WOD calls for running, feel free to sub with rowing, dubs or the Pain Bike!!

Thanks to all parents for helping us with this…let’s have a great summer!

* CFK Summerprep Challenge: Congratulations once again to…..the McSavages!!! Yes I’m biased, but a phenomenal week by my whole crew last week (who once again all put me to shame). Great job guys! Each of you will get your own VooDoo Floss band to use as you continue to work your mobility after this challenge! Overall, Axel’s Animals hold the lead for the competition…you guys are killing it, great work! Two weeks to go in the challenge…culminating in…

* The CFK Summer In-House Competition: The six week challenge will end with our first summer in-house comp on May 13th! Coach Axe and Coach Galla are whipping up some WODS as we speak….these will be a blast, and an awesome way to finish up these six weeks. More details to come, but for now be sure to stay the course for your teams, and get ready for the 13th.

* Fat Calendar update: Coach Courtney is working diligently on putting together or celebration of Former Chunk! She may be reaching out to you for an additional picture, so if she contacts you please help her out! Also, if there are any stragglers who want in on this, let me know. We have enough for the calendar but can always fit more.

* KettleBell Club: Here are the latest KB Club standing…just a couple months away from our next member (we see you Kristen!), and look at all of these faces one/two/three/four months in! Phenomenal work everyone!!!
10 Months
Kristen K

8 Months
Jodi D.

7 Months

6 Months
Rachel L

5 Months

4 Months
Kristen Hoban
Ros (Founder’s Club)
Doc (Founder’s Club)
Jill W (Founder’s Club)

3 Months
Laura Mac (Founder’s Club)

2 Months
Jen Jax
Christine M.
Jen Maser (Founder’s Club)

1 Month
Sue S.
Rich V.
Sarah D.
Steph Mac
Rachel L.
Laura F.
Matt Morin (Founder’s Club)
Shorty Spice (Founder’s Club)
…ok, enough for now (sorry Maser).

See y’all soon,

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Our 5,000-square-foot facility is located less than four minutes off of Exit 10 on Route 3 in Duxbury, MA.

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