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Labor Day Hours & The Fat Burner Challenge

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As we roll into the holiday weekend, a coupe of quick items on tap.
1) Labor Day hours – we will be running three classes on Monday morning: 6AM, 8AM and 9:30AM. Come in and get your sweat on before you go pay homage to…labor…? 🤨🧐🤔😬
2) The CFK Fat Burner Challenge starts on Tuesday!! Reminder this is open to ALL, it does not matter how new or old you are to the community. Teams are forming on the white board at the gym. PLENTY of people are signed up and do not have a team (2 guys, 2 ladies), so if you are IN, just get your name up there and we’ll figure out teams.
Remember, $20 per person (you can leave cash at the gym with a coach), and see previous email for food/sugar/booze instructions. Everyone must take their own before pictures to qualify! These do NOT have to be shirtless, risqué or tasteful nudes (please do not…some of you know who you are). Workout gear, tanks, etc is fine, or certainly bathing suit if you want. Email your pics to and we will keep them in a file.
Also, each of you need to get your body fat % measured at the gym. You can do so at these time slots:
Tomorrow: 7:30AM-8:30AM
Sunday: 8:30AM-9:30AM
Monday: 9:00-9:30AM
If none of these slots work for you, it will be on you to get it done at the gym no later than Tuesday.
Once you have a team, are paid in full, have your before pics and body fat measured, you will be placed into the Facebook group for this specific challenge. Smack talk, shenanigans and moderate impropriety are encouraged.
Good luck everyone! Bulk up if you must this weekend….come Tuesday, it’s time to attack that Summer Blubber (and we ain’t talking about the beached whale on the gurnet).
Go get it!