Soooooo…just a few things going on, kids! It’s been a crazy few weeks, and plenty more to come! Let’s get into it.

1) New CFK
…so….we moved! We will continue to thank you all for your help and support in getting us up and running at 14 Chestnut St, Duxbury. This is a prime example of why I love CrossFit and this community…You all literally picked that gym up and put it a couple miles down the road in about 90 minutes flat. Unbelievable.
So we’re of course ready to go, as we’ve been running classes since yesterday (if you’ve been unable to make it in). But like anything of this magnitude, there will be an adjustment period. We’re feeling everything out, and ask that you bear with us as we get the facility to where we want it to be!
That said, a few thoughts on our new home…
* First and foremost, WE WANT YOUR FEEDBACK. The best and fastest way to optimize our new surroundings is to get feedback from you. We want to hear what is working, what is not and what suggestions you have. We may not be able to implement everything immediately, but your feedback is critical. No filters, please…we’re more interested in making this place the best gym we possibly can, so our skin will be plenty thick. Email, call or text me, or catch me live at the gym. Same goes with your coaches.
* What I like the most so far: the space to spread out, the rig/platform setup, the pipes that support the rings and legit rope climbs (touch that beam!), the thick floors, the louder music, and the space in back lot (think sled pushes and tire flips), to name a few. We will be placing a gear order to Rogue next week…keep an eye out for more barbells, wall balls, ropes, dumbbells, boxes, and a ski erg (yessssssssss)
* What we’re working on: more wall ball space (an additional stripe is going in tomorrow), maximizing HSPU/wall climb areas, and getting the peg board up.
* Illumination!! We will be making the interior of the building – specifically the gym floor – brighter. We’ll be doing the same for the lights outside
* Parking – it’s at a premium, as you may have noticed. Your coaches will be parking in back for the most part, and we will be doing our best to work with our plower to keep the lot as open as possible. Please be sensitive to parking efficiently (e.g. not wasting space between cars), and we’ll be in good shape. If we get to the point where we consistently need more space, we’ll explore more options.
* Traffic flow – Please enter from the Chestnut St side between The Cleanist and the Chestnut St Grill, and exit on the Bay Rd side…this will keep things consistent and minimize jams coming in and out
* Shower – some of you have already used the shower, which is awesome! We put up a wall today to separate it from the bathroom, so as to not tie the bathroom up when someone is in the shower. Please do your best to practice etiquette around order and length of showers taken! We’ll see how the flow goes in the mornings, which is when it will be used the most
* Signing in – you may have noticed that the computer is now in the front lobby. ALL CLASS PARTICIPANTS ARE REQUESTED/REQUIRED TO SIGN IN for every class!! Every day, every class. While many of you use this to track your run at KB club, it goes beyond that. All members are to sign in, and best to do it right when you arrive! If a coach asks you to do so, please comply 🙂
* Lobby – With the bigger size and more cubbies/hooks in the lobby, please keep your things in that space. Although the new gym floor is much bigger, we will be keeping the clutter (e.g the stuff that can find it’s way to the boxes) to a minimum.
* Viewing room – we will be adding some furniture here and some other touches, so bear with us as we add here. Kids are certainly encouraged to view mom and dad from here! Like the old CFK, the little ones are not allowed on the gym floor, and food is a definite no-no in both the viewing room (carpet!) and the lobby. Please do take this seriously!
* Office space – with the expansion of our space, we will be doing more work IN the space outside of the gym floor. Three other businesses will be operating at various points in time (often with coach/client interaction and phone calls), so please restrict foot traffic to the lobby, viewing room and gym floor! We want to respect the other things happening around the building.
This will be a constant work in progress, as we’ll never be fully satisfied with everything! Constant improvement over time is the goal…and we thank you in advance for your input to help us get there!
2) Gymnastics Seminar
Don’t forget that we are hosting a gymnastics clinic this Saturday, February 3rd, from 8:30-11:00. Charley G. (former Univ. Oklahoma gymnast) will be teaching us tips and tricks to get standing/walking on our hands. Free to all of you and a $20 drop in for any friends! This will be the first in a series of seminars we have coming up….so jump in!
3) The CrossFit Open starts on February 22nd!
Yes, the CrossFit Open season is here!!!! Not sure what that is? Check this out:
The bottom line? The Open is for EVERYONE!! It’s meant to be fun, to be experienced with your community, and to participate at a different level than we normally do throughout the year. It DOES NOT MATTER if you are brand new to CrossFit…sign up for The Open. You’ll be happy you did!
Ok…that’s plenty for now…see you this week!

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CrossFit Kells

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Our 5,000-square-foot facility is located less than four minutes off of Exit 10 on Route 3 in Duxbury, MA.

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