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Stickers & Gainzzz

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OK peeps…couple new items in the CFK Retail Shoppe!

1) CrossFit Kells Windshield Sticker – Looking to fill up some more space next to those Bernie/Student of the Month/Coexist/Family Stick Figures bumper stickers? Grab one of these bad larry’s to show your friends that you can do burpees and they can’t ($5)

2) SFH Protein – We’ve had quite a few requests to have protein available at the ol’ box, so here we go! We like SFH and About Time from an ingredient standpoint, but went with SFH because it tastes better and has a little less sugar ($45)

ALSO! We are making a Community Bro-Scoop bag of the SFH available ($1 per scoop). Why are we doing this? Three reasons:

A) Some folks might want to try it out before buying a bag
B) Convenience – in case you forget your post-wod protein on a given day
C) I’ll be honest…I just like saying Bro-Scoop.

All for now, kidz! Get your sticky gainzzzz on…