Success Stories


When our members succeed, we succeed. Our passion is to help our members build better lives, so when we hear reviews like these, we literally box jump for joy. Will you be our next success story? We sure hope so...

  • Casey Dobbins

    What do I love most about being part of CFK? Obviously the community … I don’t think that can be overstated. I love the friends I’ve made, the fact that I can go to any class now at any time of day and feel comfortable with anyone there. It’s just such a positive and welcoming environment. You guys have done an amazing job fostering an awesome community, and I’m thrilled to be a part of it. Going to Kells is the highlight of my week.

    I LOVE the posts you put up on Facebook – the inspiring messages, the photos of people working hard. I love seeing what everyone is accomplishing and the connections you make to it.

    I’ve felt myself step up my game and want to accomplish more, and I appreciate all the backing and support and coaching I get from each and every one of the coaches. I feel comfortable going to anyone to talk about how to best reach my goals and I am excited about what I’ll accomplish because of that.

    Thank you for all you do, and for changing my life! I love that because of CFK I am showing my kids how awesome it is to be strong and healthy.

  • Will Berry

    Best gym I’ve been a part of. Great community, always working to get better as a gym. Love the vibe. You’re doing awesome brother! You’re making us all better not only physically but mentally and personally. Proud to be a part of it.

  • Greg MacEwan

    The coaches are great. I have learned more in this past year than I ever would have imagined. Their genuine interest, dedication, and knowledge surpasses any expectations I may have had. You guys rock. CFK has become the 5th … no wait, 6th member of our family. The people at CFK are my friends, my supporters, and my motivators. Everyone genuinely cares about each other. Lastly, the workouts are great – at 8:33pm EVERY night we race to our phones to see the next day’s WOD. It’s fun (and maybe dorky but we’re cool with that).

    I think you guys have struck a great balance: whether it’s strength/skill coupled with a short METCON, long METCONS/Benchmark/Hero WODS, or Partner WODs. Lastly, I have also greatly enjoyed the Oly class – it has been a nice change of pace and it has been great to focus on a much needed area for me.



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