The sweatshirts are in, and we love them! Couple quick things on getting them:

  1. They run large, which is the opposite of what we were told. Good times
  2. This is not a big issue; we are making sure everyone gets the right size
  3. Please try on the size you ordered. If it is to big, we are placing another order and will get you the right size if there is not enough in stock already to swap to you. We’re getting a quick turn-around on this
  4. Please work ONLY with Erin on this, as this will make the process easier an more streamlined. Do not work with me. Or Axe. Or Galla, Jimmy, Brookie, Scully or the Kingston Crackhead that wanders into the gym from time to time, as it will just muddy the process

Any questions, shoot me an email!

(That was a trick…do not do this. Remember, talk to Erin).

Thanks everyone!