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“Teddy Brew” – Saturday 2-2

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With a partner

0-4 Minutes

Row for Max Calories

*While one partner is rowing, the other hangs from pull up bar in hollow position. Switch as needed.

4-7 Minutes

Max Air Squats

*While one partner squats, the other holds a plank. Switch as needed.

7-9 Minutes

Max Burpees

*One person works at a time. All out effort!


Partner WOD (27 Minutes)

3 Rounds

0-4 Minutes

Row for Max Calories

4-7 Minutes

For Max Rounds

3 Power Cleans (135,95)

3 Front Squats

3 Shoulder to Overhead

7-9  Minutes

Max Sit-ups


Level 2- 115,75

Level 1- 75,45

ADV- 165,115 & T2B


Should have 3 separate total scores at the end of the workout. The clock will reset after the sit-ups/toes to bar. There is no rest other than when your partner is working.


Extra Work
15 Burprees over barbell
5 Clean and jerk (225/155)

12 Burpees over bar
4 Clean and Jerks
9 Burpees over Bar
3 Clean and Jerks


L2- 185/135
L1- 135/95


*WOD Credit