Annnnnnnnnnnd it’s time.

Time to crawl out of that hibernation. To shed the winter layers. To step out of the family room/hockey rink/kitchen and into the sunshine where that milky spare tire turns into a bronzed 8 pack. It’s time to embark upon a challenge.

Challenges are a phenomenal way to see real results in a short period of time. They work.

You need a challenge. I need a challenge.

Hence…it’s Challenge Time, you filthy animals.

We are excited to announce that on Monday, April 3rd, we will begin the CFK Summer Prep Showdown sponsored by Tito’s Handmade Vodka, Kill Cliff, SFH, Lash Boost, Double Undies, Lulu Lemón, The V Lounge and the Duxbury Rotary Club! (heretofore referred to as the CFK Summer Prep Showdown or The Challenge).

The CFK Summer Prep Showdown is a 6 week team challenge. Teams will be comprised of a Team Captain (each captain will be a Kells Coach) and multiple CFK members. Members who sign up for the challenge will be placed on a team by the CFK coaches. This will be a multi-faceted challenge that will improve your nutrition, discipline, mental toughness and physical capacity.

Each team member will be responsible for tracking their own progress. However, each team member’s score will contribute to the overall team performance, which will help to hold everyone accountable.
There will be a benchmark WOD to be completed at the beginning of the challenge which will be repeated at the end of the six weeks.. Additionally, you will be required to track your progress in a 6-week workbook/word doc that the Team Captain will review at the end of each week.

The challenge will cost $20 which gets you in the running for weekly prizes, and a Grand Prize at the end.

The culmination of this 6 week challenge will be the CFK Spring Team Competition on Saturday May 13th where teams will go head to head in multiple WODs. The results of this competition WILL impact the final results of this challenge.

**NOTE** ONLY Challenge participants will be eligible to participate in the Spring Competition. So if you are interested in participating in the In-house comp, this challenge is a prerequisite.
Individual goals for this challenge can be different for everyone: improved body composition, stress reduction, improved sleep and/or hydration, or overall wellness that can translate to your everyday life. What we are shooting for, here, is healthy habit creation and a little friendly competition!

This challenge was written to prioritize simple things that everyone can do well. NOTE that this challenge is for EVERYONE. It absolutely does not matter if you are an experienced CrossFitter, or if this is your first day out of fundamentals class. Everyone will be able to contribute to their teams.

The challenge has been designed to build habits and routines that will endure beyond the next six weeks. The goal is to establish a foundation for these habits during the challenge, and to continue and build upon them afterward.

The following items will be tracked on a daily basis:

· Nutrition (either macro counting OR food logging – more details below)

· Daily CrossFit WOD attendance/completion

· Sleep

· Water intake

· Mobility
You will also journal your progress at the end of each week.

For the entirety of the six weeks, you will be logging your progress and keeping a running point total in a workbook (or online document). These workbooks will be reviewed by Team Captains at the end of each week (Sunday). Results/standings will be posted the following Monday. TEAM awards will be given every week, as well as at the end of the challenge.

Here’s how the point system works:

· 1 point awarded for each daily nutrition log entry – either a simple nutrition log on a day to day basis outlining your food intake for the day, which MUST include eating a protein and a vegetable at breakfast, lunch and dinner (if you are NOT currently tracking your macros), or (if you ARE counting your macros) a completed entry into My Fitness Pal (+/- 5g protein & carbs, +/- 2g fat)

· 1 point awarded for 7 hours of sleep recorded at night

· 1 point awarded for each day of consuming 64+ ounces of water

· 1 point awarded for daily WOD entry

· 1 point awarded for a 10-minute segment of targeted mobility

· 10 bonus points awarded for a Sunday journal entry that recaps your weekly experience. This entry must be at least two paragraphs and be included in your report to your team captain.

· There will also be points awarded at the end of the challenge based on an improved benchmark WOD score, as well as the team score in the May 13th competition
There it is, kids.

Sign up on the big board at the gym if you are IN. All participants must by signed up by Friday, March 31st, as the teams will be chosen over the weekend. The Challenge starts Monday morning (use the first night’s sleep for your first score).

Are you in?

Do you want to get better? Because that’s how you get better…


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Our 5,000-square-foot facility is located less than four minutes off of Exit 10 on Route 3 in Duxbury, MA.

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