Max Consecutive Double Unders

Strength WOD
5 Rounds
1 Strict press
3 Push-presses
5 Push-jerks

Level 1- 3 strict press/5push-press

This WOD is for load AND time. Each round should be completed unbroken. If you break up a round, complete 5 burpee lateral jumps as a penalty and then finish the round.
Warm-up pressing movements and pick a weight to use for the 5 rounds. It should be 90-95% of your strict press.


WOD (15 Minute Cap)
3 Rounds
750m Row
75 Double Unders

Level 2- 40 Double Unders
Level 1- 150 Singles


OLY ***6:00PM Class Only***

Warm up: 10 squats,10 jump squats, 10 push press, 10 push jerk (with empty barbell).
2x. Then: 10 split jerks (no barbell), 10 burpees. 2x

Drill: EMOM 12: 2 clean&jerk + 5 strict pull-ups (95/65)

Complex: 1 squat clean + 2 front squats + 1 split jerk. Increase weight as you go.
5 sets of (1+2+1)
*in between sets: 10 ghd sit ups and 12 back ext.

Strength: 7 min to get to a heavy front squat.
Then 7 min to get to a heavy split jerk.