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Two New CFK Classes!

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We have heard feedback from many of you around requests for new classes, so we want to announce two new weekend CFK offerings…

Saturdays 7:30AM – Mobility and Prehab with Coach Eric
Sundays 8:00AM – New CFK Class time

Both classes begin THIS WEEKEND, February 17th & 18th.

The new Prehab offering with coach Eric is designed to give you the tools to be/stay injury free. Everyone on this list loves the sport of CrossFit…and like any sport, injuries will happen. Prehab will cover both mobility and stability for a specific joint to help keep you from being sidelined from an injury that could have been prevented with some Prehab Love! Take a look at a sample class below.

For Sundays, we have received requests to get things going earlier…so, we will be offering a class at 8:00AM, and one at 9:30AM as well (the same CFK class, just like we do for the rest of the week). Open gym will still be available from 9:30-11:30.

As we do with our new offerings, we want to confirm that they are the right fit for YOU. Accordingly, both of these classes will be offered on an initial 8 week basis. After 8 weeks, we will assess the interest in these time slots and determine their permanence.

We’re pumped to offer these to you guys on the weekends! Let us know what you think…


Sample Prehab Class

Shoulder focus (example)

Warmup (row, bike, run)

Mobility: 2 mins ea
Banded overhead mobility
Shoulder ADD banded crossbody mobility
Child’s pose OH lift and hold
Child’s pose thoracic rotation
Seated thoracic whip

5 min demo and explanation

Stability: EMOM 12 mins (3x ea.)
Push-up plus
Low bear crawl slow
Face pulls
Straight arm pull down

5mins demo and explanation

EMOM 12 mins (3x ea.)
Bottoms up carry overhead
Bottoms up 90:90 carry
Farmers carry uni
1/2 kneeling bottoms up press